KikuyuKikuyu grass is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. This variety grows vigorously during the summer months and becomes dormant over winter yet retains its colour throughout the year if not heavily frost affected.




Kikuyu was founded in East Africa is favoured for its quick establishment and growth rate.

This lawn grows faster than any other lawn grass and as a result is most suited to large open expanses, sports fields etc., where mowing, invasion of gardens or shade is not an issue.

  • Quick growing
  • self repairing’
  • budget
  • high maintenance costs
  • high mowing requirements
  • highly invasive in your garden beds and pavers
  • most suitable for sporting fields and large areas
  • prefers full sun and is performs poorly in the shade

 Mowing Requirements

For every 15 times a Kikuyu lawn requires mowing

  • Couch grass will need to be mowed 11 times in the same period
  • Buffalo grass will need to be mowed 7.25 times in the same period