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Golden Ticket Competition!

Calling all landscapers! The Turf Farm are here to help with some of those winter blues! We have a competition that will delight you! Feeling lucky? The

Top 4 lawn problems this winter

Struggling with your lawn this winter? You’re not alone! Colder temperatures, increased rainfall and reduced sunlight are all contributing to our lawns not looking so

It’s our 18th birthday!

We’re celebrating!  Today is our 18th birthday! Never did we think, back in 2003, that our little turf business would become THIS amazing! It has

Talking mental health with Nova

This week from Monday 21st to Friday 25th June, Ben & Liam from NOVA will be ‘Trapped’ inside a purpose built glass structure in the

How lawn improves your health

We’re passionate about health here at The Turf Farm, both mental and physical. Did you know that grass has been proven to be good for your

Your lawn and frosty mornings

The mornings are certainly getting colder and, in certain areas around South Australia, you might just wake up to Jack Frost nipping at your nose,

Worried about weeds in your new lawn?

Oxafert herbicide & fertiliser is here to help! Thinking about laying lawn but you’re worried about weeds popping up after disturbing the soil? We have

SA Landscape Festival 2021

Team members from The Turf Farm and Lawn and Landscape Co spent the weekend discovering the amazing gardens at the SA Landscape Festival. There were

Start your engines for Spring

Spring is just around the corner! Your lawn has been resting through the colder months and will slowly be starting to increase tissue growth. Here’s

Why is Kikuyu lawn so popular?

Kikuyu has been a favourite front and back yard lawn for decades. But is it still the best choice for today’s smaller yards?

Lawn not responding to fertiliser

If you’re watering and fertilising properly but your lawn is still brown or patchy there may be other problems, like the pH level of your soil

Can you lay instant lawn in summer?

Summer can actually be the best time to lay a new instant lawn, provided you follow one simple rule, which will also cut the establishment time in half!

How to deal with lawn seed heads

During spring and early summer, it’s common to get lawn seed heads in your lawn. This guide will help you understand what’s going on and to deal with them.

Need a lawn in time for Christmas?

The great thing about instant lawn is that it can be installed in all seasons. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose which lawn variety is perfect for you

How much is instant turf?

A guide on how much instant turf costs, comparisons to other outdoor surface covering options and why some instant lawn varieties are cheaper than others.