Lawn Care and Installation

Hints and tips to keep your lawn looking great all year round

​To keep your lawn healthy, it essentially needs watering, fertilising and mowing.

But how much and how often? We’ve put together a section dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to take care of your lawn and get the most value and enjoyment out of it.

Standard Lawn Maintenance Guides



Ensure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and beautiful.

Learn about fertilising when establishing your new instant lawn and for seasonal maintenance.

Lawn Fertilising Guide


With proper mowing techniques, your lawn will thrive and be welcoming.

Mower height, when to mow, how often and several other factors detemine how good your lawn can look.

Lawn Mowing Guide


Each season calls for slightly different care to keep your lawn healthy.

Bounce your lawn out of winter, keep it green during summer and more so you can enjoy it year round.

Seasonal Lawn Care

Lawn Care Videos and Products

More Lawn Care Videos

Lots of short videos featuring Jason Hodges and Nigel Ruck with tips on watering, fertilising, dealing with common problems and much more!

Lawn Care Videos

Lawn Care Products

Visit the Turf Farm Lawnstore to buy all your lawn care products online.

Free delivery on all products ordered with Sir Walter Fertiliser – delivered direct to your door!

Turf Farm Lawnstore

Lawn Care