Fertisling Lawn

A guide on when and how to fertilise your lawn

Fertilising your lawn regularly will ensure that it has all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and beautiful.

The question is, how often should you fertilise and with what? Follow this guide year round to keep your lawn full, green and luscious.

Quick tips

Establishing a new lawn

Fertilise before laying turf

A starter fertiliser like Sir Launcher is recommended to be applied before your turf is installed. It contains water crystals and essential nutrients that help to keep moisture in the root band during establishment.

After laying turf

After installation we recommend you fertilise about six weeks later.

Seasonal fertilising

Once established a regular program of fertilising four times a year will ensure your lawn looks great.


To bounce your lawn out of winter in September apply a complete fertiliser high in nitrogen to get your lawn out of hibernation.

Note: Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn loves chicken manure.

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After vigorous growth during spring your lawn needs another application of complete fertiliser. Regular mowing and watering will ensure your lawn looks the best.

Summer lawn fertilising, watering & mowing

Autumn & Winter

Sir Walter loves our hot summers and has plenty of vigorous growth over this time. Now is the best time to start feeding and preparing your lawn for the coming winter months.

The optimum time to do this is two applications of fertiliser; one in March and one in April/May (before the weather gets cold). A fertiliser high in potassium, increasing plant cell health and structure, will give your lawn protection going into the cold winter months. Mow a little higher to give your lawn protection against frosts.

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Winter lawn maintenance

Fertilising & watering

Is your grass going to seed?

If your grass has gone to seed, it’s usually a sign that your lawn is stressed. Check out the video for more info.

Note: Fertilising is closely linked to watering, the more you water the more fertiliser your lawn needs.

Lawn Watering Guide