Perfect Lawn Start

Enjoy a lush, healthy & weed free lawn through all seasons

We have a range of lawn care products that work seamlessly together to provide the perfect start for your new lawn to establish. Plus ongoing care throughout the life of your lawn. All of our recommended products are available with your lawn delivery or click and collect from the farm in Pinnaroo and at our display centre, Lawn and Landscape Co in Somerton Park. Just visit our lawn care store here.

We have 3 great package options to start your lawn off in the best way!

Our lawn consultants can recommend the best package for you and organise delivery of the products with your new lawn.

Basic Pack

Lawn Launcher (900g or 3kg)

Fertiliser (4kg or 10kg)

Supercharge Pack

Lawn Launcher (900g or 3kg)

Fertiliser (4kg or 10kg)

+ Oxafert or Lawn Soaker

Top Notch Pack

Lawn Launcher (900g or 3kg)

Fertiliser (4kg or 10kg)

Oxafert (3kg)

+ Lawn Soaker or Colourguard Plus

Products for every lawn!

Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Supercharge your Sir Walter DNA Certified with this premium lawn food. Fast and slow release granules packed with essential nutrients and trace elements encourage strong growth and rich colour.

Lawn Launcher Starter Fertiliser

Placed on the soil prior to laying your lawn, Lawn Launcher Starter Fertiliser has a mix of moisture magnets and fertiliser to give your lawn a good boost into establishment.

All Purpose Weed Control

A broad spectrum herbicide that can tackle common pesky weeds such as bindii, creeping oxalis, catsear, clover, cudweed and dandelion.

Lawn Soaker

Lawn Soaker is a ready to use soil wetting agent specifically developed for use on lawns. It improves the penetration of water so it can reach deep down to the roots. Regular use will ensure the soil re-wets and prevents further dry spots from forming.


A weed pre-emergent to tackle a range of annual grasses and broad leaf weeds before they become a problem. Apply seasonally for year round protection.

Colourguard Plus

A liquid fertiliser as well as a natural grass pigment that instantly restores the colour of your lawn. Apply this 100% natural grass colourant to keep your lawn looking fantastic year-round.

Lawn Rescue

Feed and drought-proof your lawn with just one revitalising hit. This perfect blend of liquid fertilisers, seaweed extracts and wetting agents is ideal for all new and established lawns and for post-winter revival.

Grub Guard

A broad spectrum insecticide suitable for treatment of infestations of aphids, bugs, caterpillars and many other pests.

Acelepryn GR

Granular insecticide that provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control, in a single application.

Primo Maxx Growth Regulator

#1 Selling Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) - Reduces grass growth while increasing density and durability. Less mowing and a stadium quality turf at home!

Aerating Sandals

The easy way to aerate your lawn. Simply strap on over your shoes. Great for clay base lawns needing regular Gypsum application and to loosen high traffic & compacted areas.