Sir Grange Zoysia Lawn

Sir Grange Zoysia

Available from Spring 2021

Sir Grange is a new ‘star-player’ in the Australian turf commercial market.

The Lawn Solutions Australia network of turf producers has an extensive R&D program that includes partnerships with some of the world’s leading turf-grass-research facilities.

Sir Grange is a successful product of these turf-grass breeders, thanks to its selection for good-looks and superior qualities.

Sir Grange is a fine bladed premium zoysia matrella turf variety, which has high shade tolerance and very low nutrient and water requirements.

Sir Grange was specifically developed for the golf industry and it was soon discovered that its characteristics would also make it most suitable for domestic and commercial lawns.

It has a unique ability among other commercial grass-types to withstand high salt-content situations and can actually extract salt to its leaves where it can be mown and collected to reduce soil-salt content.

Its adaptability to a variety of climates, and its beautiful dark-green leaf have quickly seen it become the #1 selling zoysia grass type in the USA.

Comes With A 10-Year Product Warranty

Sir Grange is A Finer Choice

Sir Grange

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