Sir Grange Zoysia Lawn

Sir Grange Zoysia


Sir Grange is a new-comer to the Australian
turf market.

The Lawn Solutions Australia network of turf producers has an extensive R&D program that includes partnerships with some of the world’s leading turf-grass-research facilities. Sir Grange is a successful product of these turf-grass breeders, thanks to its selection for good-looks and superior qualities.

Sir Grange is a fine bladed premium zoysia matrella turf variety, which has high shade tolerance and very low nutrient and water requirements. Specifically developed for the golf industry, it was soon discovered that its characteristics would also make it most suitable for domestic and commercial lawns.

It has a unique ability among other commercial grass-types to withstand high salt-content situations and can actually extract salt to its leaves where it can be mown and collected to reduce soil-salt content.

Its adaptability to a variety of climates, and its beautiful dark-green leaf have quickly seen it become the #1 selling zoysia grass type in the USA.

Benefits of Sir Grange

Low Maintenance

Sir Grange does not need to be mown as frequently as other common varieties, and also can be mown at a range of different heights to suit your garden and preference. Not only that, but it is less demanding of nutrients too.

Low Allergenic

Sir Grange is low allergenic, a great choice for those that suffer with hay fever. Additionally, lawn is proven to increase relaxation, boost immunity & improve mental health!

Drought Resistant

A proven performer in our harsh climate, Sir Grange can withstand our hot, dry summers and can be trained in drought tolerance to require less water.

High Wear Tolerance

Sir Grange has an extremely thick and tight root mat which means it can handle high levels of wear. It also has great
self-repairing capabilities.

Year round colour

Even though Sir Grange is a warm season lawn and will still enter some level of dormancy through the cooler months, it still holds a good colour through winter and can handle mild levels of frost.

Shade Tolerant

Sir Grange is one of the first fine leaf varieties to truly perform in shade. It can handle up to 50% of the day in shade but also loves full sun.



The one thing you don't want to compromise on is quality. When you purchase Sir Grange instant lawn, you're buying a new way of life and you're promised the quality you deserve. Our 10 year product warranty guarantees that your lawn has been grown and harvested to stringent standards, is free of weeds and disease on delivery, and will perform to its maximum
potential in its new environment.

Sir Grange in real homes!

It's so soft, it's like a shag pile carpet!


Comes With A 10-Year Product Warranty

Looking after Sir Grange Zoysia

One of the benefits of Sir Grange is that it is an ‘easy care’ lawn, however, as with any living plant, it does require some looking after. A regular lawn care regime will be the easiest and best way to maintain a healthy and happy lawn for life.


Once established, Sir Grange can be trained in drought tolerance to require less regular watering and be hardy in our harsh summer climate. It’s common for people to water their lawn every day for 10 minutes for its whole life however this isn’t best practice. Once established, your lawn will benefit a lot more from long (e.g. 1 hour) deeper soaks less frequently (once a week). This will encourage strong root development and a healthy, happy lawn that can better withstand seasonal changes such as drought and frost. 


Sir Grange has a low nutrient requirement to thrive and be happy. We recommend to fertilise your Sir Grange three times a year ideally in September, December and March or at the change of every season. A high quality, slow release granular fertiliser such as Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser is highly recommended for a slower and more constant does of nutrients.
During autumn and winter, liquid iron, natural colourants and micronutrients can be used to improve colour without the use of nitrogen based fertilisers.

lawn mowing


Sir Grange was originally bred for the golf market and has the most versatility in mowing height and regime. It can be manicured short or left un-mown, holding a beautiful appearance either way. Regularly mowing your lawn will promote thick and even growth and promote your lawns overall health. Ensure that your mower blades are sharp and that you never mow more than 1/3 of the leaf off at one time.

Sir Grange Zoysia mowing height: 10-60mm or unmown

Products we recommend for Sir Grange Zoysia

Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Supercharge your Sir Grange with this premium lawn food. Fast and slow release granules packed with essential nutrients and trace elements encourage strong growth and rich colour.


A weed pre-emergent to tackle a range of annual grasses and broad leaf weeds before they become a problem. Apply seasonally for year round protection.

All Purpose Weed Control

A broad spectrum herbicide that can tackle common pesky weeds such as bindii, creeping oxalis, catsear, clover, cudweed and dandelion.

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