TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda Grass, developed by the best turf-grass scientists, is one of the highest performing instant lawns.

TifTuf Bermuda Grass has been scientifically forged to produce a great looking, all round instant lawn with superior qualities, whilst requiring minimal inputs.

TifTuf Bermuda grass is the product of almost 25-years of research and development from one of the world’s leading turf-grass breeders, the University of Georgia. It has been hand selected out of almost 30,000 different Bermuda grass varieties, showing superior qualities as a drought tolerant grass, shade tolerant grass and wear tolerant grass. It also proved to keep winter colour whilst at the same time maintaining excellent turf quality.

TifTuf was bred as one of nearly 28,000 experimental Bermuda grass genotypes. In 1999, just 90 of these genotypes were hand selected based on their performance and were planted in an area that had no access to rainfall and were provided poor irrigation. Evaluations took place right through 2001. These evaluations showed that under drought stress, the TifTuf Bermuda grass maintained its quality and colour the longest.

TifTuf Bermuda Grass has been scientifically forged to produce a great looking, all round instant lawn with superior qualities, whilst requiring minimal inputs.

The Grass is Always Greener if
Your Lawn is TifTuf Bermuda​

TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda Grass Performance

Healthy, green grass throughout the heat of an Australian summer as well as the cold South Australian winters is what the TifTuf Grass will provide year after year. 

Deep, fibrous roots keep it thick, green and growing in the hottest of summer, making it a very effective drought tolerant grass. 

Winter sees TifTuf Bermuda go into a short dormant period but maintains its quality beautifully throughout.

Benefits of TifTuf Bermuda Lawn


Quick growing, strong and resistant instant lawn with low maintenance needs make this an ideal grass for larger areas, backyards or sporting fields. It has a fine, soft leaf but a dense coverage which makes it perfect for almost any application.


TifTuf Bermuda grass is an aggressive establisher and a rapid grower. A large root system contributes to its ability to maintain healthy and vigorous growth throughout drought conditions with a fraction of the usual irrigation requirements. TifTuf is a shade tolerant grass and will grow in lower light conditions, which means it does better in winter than many other lawns.


Winter and drought conditions still see the TifTuf Bermuda maintaining its bright green colour and healthy appearance all year round. It comes out of dormancy earlier than other grasses in Spring looking strong and healthy. It’s just a great looking grass in all conditions!


Its dense canopy and surface matting help TifTuf live up to its name and hold up to heavy wear and tear and its extensive fibrous roots and rapid growth means it will recover quickly from any sustained damage.


TifTuf Bermuda is the ultimate all-rounder instant lawn. Its performance benefits are simply unmatched. The Turf Farm is fully licensed and committed to delivering the best quality lawn in top condition with customer service second to none. When you buy TifTuf Bermuda Grass from The Turf Farm, you’ll receive a Certificate Of Authenticity.

Backed by Lawn Solutions Australia

With every TifTuf Bermuda Grass purchase, no matter how big or small, you will be issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate is your guarantee that you are receiving genuine TifTuf Bermuda grass. As a member of the LSA house of brands, your purchase of TifTuf Bermuda will also be covered by our nationwide guarantee.

The Hybrid Bermuda Grass
Developed by the Best Turf-Grass Scientists

Why buy TifTuf Bermuda Instant Lawn

Prior to TifTuf being released on the market it had been tested in 19 drought-stress trials, 2 sports field wear tolerance trials, utilising the Cady traffic simulator, and 4 irrigated, non-stress trials at The University of Georgia, The University of Florida, North Carolina State University, Oklahoma State University and Texas A&M University as part of the Federal Speciality Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) grant. TifTuf Bermuda Grass has now become the University research standard by which all drought tolerant grass or turf will be determined.

As the TifTuf Bermuda Grass was selected from a large gene pool based on certain traits, maintaining the genetic purity is crucial. To ensure this, the University of Georgia has bred all of its foundation material (thousands of acres) from a single plant!

Lawn Solutions Australia has maintained this attention to detail with its propagation and expansion in Australia following similar stringent conditions.

All TifTuf Bermuda lawn sold in Australia has been subject to rigorous AusGAP certification standards that incorporate international breeding and propagation protocols.

TifTuf Bermuda Grass Maintenance

  • TifTuf Bermuda Grass has a high growth rate which means it has a higher mowing requirement. Every 4 -7 days is recommended, at a height of between 12-50mm with either a rotary mower or cylinder mower for a cleaner cut. This frequency will keep your turf dense with minimal weed growth.
  • Due to the fast establishment of the TifTuf instant lawn, we recommend the first mow should occur 2 weeks after laying for best results.
    Regular watering in the warmer months will keep your TifTuf Bermuda lawn looking its best.
  • TifTuf requires less fertilising than other grasses. We recommend fertilizing at ¼ the rate of other lawns otherwise you may notice lower performance or discolouring of the lawn.
  • TifTuf Bermuda grass requires 4 hours of direct sunlight per day

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