Lawn and Our Great Aussie Lifestyle

Lawn & Our Great Aussie Lifestyle

Ahh ... how's the serenity!

How lucky we are to live in this wonderful country with a terrific climate that is the envy of the world!​

Generations of families have grown up with the Aussie backyard and being able to play cricket and footy in our own area. How nice is it enjoying the balmy summer nights laying on your back lawn.
A great looking lawn can be a real asset to your home and lifestyle. Whether you’re enjoying a beer after work with your mates or playing cricket with the kids, your lawn is a healthy space for you to spend time relaxing with your family and friends.
Here at The Turf Farm, we’re passionate about improving peoples homes and lifestyles by helping them to have the perfect lawn. From choosing the right lawn to preparation to installation and after care maintenance, we’re with you every step of the way.