Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care

As the weather is slowly but surely warming up your lawn will start growing a little bit faster! Due to the soil temperature warming up, your lawn will be coming out of hibernation and like a big bear, it will be sluggish and certainly hungry!pulling-weeds

Follow these easy lawn care tips to spring your lawn back into shape… pronto!

Firstly, if you see any pesky weeds that have popped up it is time to rid of them. This can be done by rigorously pulling out each individual weed by hand or spaying them with a selective herbicide. Be sure to read any product labels and follow instructions carefully. Another alternative is to keep on top of mowing by removing the tops of the weeds each time and emptying the catcher after each mow.

Secondly, do you have a spongy lawn?

Generally, a spongy lawn is a good indication that it time to dethatch your lawn, and spring is the prime time to tackle this. What is thatch? You ask… it is a layer of built up debris that settles into the lawn and slowly accumulates over time building this spongy layer. Thatch is commonly found in lawns that have been overgrown, where there has been mulch or if the lawn has not been aerated.

If you have a couch or kikuyu lawn you can use a scarifying machine which can be hired out. If you have a buffalo lawn, a simple very low mow can typically decrease thatch build up. When giving a buffalo lawn a low mow, aim to reduce the leaf length by 25mm or less in one or two mowlawn-fertiliser-lawn-solutions-australia-900px1s.

Last, but certainly not least, fill your lawns tummy with a good fertilise. Fertilising in spring will help strengthen the roots of your lawn and overall health. When applying fertiliser to your lawn, ALWAYS read the label. If you are wanting a quick result use a liquid fertiliser, otherwise a granular fertiliser can be applied after a mow and watered in.

If you are ever unsure speak to a lawn expert!

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