Experts in lawn

Experts in lawn

The best turf for today and working on the best turf for the future

We grow, nurture and deliver the highest quality instant lawn to you

The Daniel family has been farming for generations and diversified into turf farming in 2003.  Paul Daniel has always had a passion for a great lawn, beginning as a child de-constructing lawn mowers to see how they worked and passionately caring for his first home lawn to be picture perfect.

Tracey & Paul began wholesaling turf in 2003. With their love of helping others ‘love their lawn’ they expanded their business to include home owners, landscapers, garden centres and commercial customers.

The turf is cared for by a trained team of turf lovers who plant, nurture, water, mow, fertilize, and health check your lawn for bugs, weeds and diseases before harvesting ready for delivery to you.

Quality is so important to us, that our farm is now Lawn Solutions Australia Accredited, the highest industry standard accreditation Australia wide.